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bought - red garbage cans

red garbage cans

The wife decided that wee needed to buy new garbage cans, and so off to the hardware store I went and found these for twelve bucks each, and with tax the bill was under $30.00, so I guess that’s not too bad a deal for some new garbage cans.

I was fine with our old garbage cans, but over time, the wife decided we needed to buy new ones, but this time with lids.

Bought: PNY Monkey Tail 16GB Hard Drive

This is not the smallest thumb drive you can buy, but I need a bigger hard drive as my wife “borrowed” the one I had and this sixteen gig version was a pretty good deal. I don’t really need the monkey tail part, but I guess it would be handy if yo needed to connect it to a keychain or backpack.

The best part is that it only cost me about five dollars.

Bought: Snugg iPad Case

I was very generously gifted an Apple iPad Air for my 50th birthday gift, and it’s so nice I am afraid to touch it. So after a fruitless trip to Best Buy and the realization that full price and keyboard cases can cost as much as the iPad it’s supposed to protect, I found this case on Amazon.

It’s not the prettiest case by any means, but it serves the purpose of protecting it a bit from drops and gives me a better grip as well.

Lastly, it was cheap at about $15.00 shipped.