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Men's Fleece Slippers


He always hated the season.


It got colder. And for what? So that the seasons can change and then the weather would get crappier and crappier over time as the winter seemed to drag on and on.

November was the worst. No wonder they have that contest called nano-something where the goal is to write 60,000 words in a month. What else is there to do.

What made it worse was that his wife loved the season and the colors. He didnt’ mind the colors and it was a change from the hot hot days where everything seemed so so green all the time. But why did the temperatures have to drop.

He knew of course that this time of year was inevitable and he would just have to buck up and deal with the fact that he called Buffalo NY home. He wished he lived in the south where there were palm trees instead of the oranges and reds he saw from his living room window as he looked out at his sleepy suburban neighborhood.

The weather change meant he would spend close to an enitire day off getting ready for the season he hated so much.

The coats, the slippers the long underpants and turtlenecks would get positioned at the closets front and the t-shirts and shorts would be pushed to the back. Then there’s the snow shovel and the fact that he hated shoveling. That was the worst.

He was no spring chicken any more. Shoveling snow was hard work and this season was just one more reason he didn’t like it.

There were so many reasons to hate the seasons and the dark nights so the cold weather never made sense to him. Why couldn’t it be about 72 degreess year round?

There was no sense in fighting it. It was on the way and he was now ready for whatever it would bring this year.

At least he would have warm feet for another year.